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What is my tax value and why is the tax value assigned to my property so important?

If your tax value is not fair, your tax bill won't be fair either!

Tax value is the value assigned to your property, and the government assesses property taxes based on this figure. According to Indiana law – the tax value which is assigned to individual real estate parcels should reflect the fair market value of that parcel, for the period of that property tax assessment.

Inaccurate tax values result in unfair tax bills, and can:

* Cost you more money every year in taxes
(high tax value equals higher taxes).

* Impact the value of your neighborhood
(high taxes equals lower value).

* Make it more difficult to sell your home
(high taxes equals fewer buyers).

* Decrease the affordability of your home
(high taxes equals higher mortgage payment).

* Increase foreclosures in your neighborhood
(high taxes equals higher escrow fees and more defaults).

* Increase neighborhood vacancy
(higher escrow fees and defaults equals a higher vacancy rate).

Take action now! Inaccurate tax values are not fair.

Time is limited – you have approximately 45 days from the time your tax bill is sent.
This will save you time, travel and other expenses!

AppealTaxes-Now can also quickly process and negotiate your tax value correction, saving you even more money, and with less effort on your part.

Do not miss Marion county's 45 day deadline. See the count down clock